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    Nantong Sogeler Chemical Co., Ltd. (SGR) was founded in 1994, is located in the Yangtze River side, north of the Sutong Bridge, national-level zone - Nantong Economic Development Zone, is specialized in producing Alkoxy Silane , which is also major maker of Organo Silica Sol, High Purity Silica Sol and AR series products.
        SGR is committed to the manufacture of specialty chemical materials and is dedicated to the production and research of nano-materials and its special raw materials need, serve emerging industries such as semiconductor processing materials, catalysts and frameworks, functional ceramics, and metal surface coatings and etc.
       SGR holds advanced processes such as Sol-gel, agitated bed, and 7N ultra-high-purity purification. It has a 300 square meters, class-1000 dust-free laboratory equipped with a laser diffractometer, ICP-MS, and BET, as well as various types of chromatography and other test equipment. Also equipped with a variety of special experimental reactors, provide technical support for own industries, and provide necessary conditions for the development of special materials for customers.
        Since reforming Nantong Chengua Chemical Factory in 2008, SGR has built silica direct-method 10,000-ton silicate plant in China, as well as the ultrahigh-purity silica colloidal project by Sol- gel method. The product has no copper and no Chloride and PPB grades of very low metal impurities, which is high quality material for the semiconductor industry. SGR has passed ISO9001 and ISO14000, providing a powerful guarantee for the quality control and environmental protection operation from the program.
        SGR development strategy: high-tech, high intelligence, dare to innovate, dare to explore, avoid deliberate production capacity, abandon the pursuit of scale. In order to adapt to the development of the times, the research and production-linked operation mode is adopted, with emphasis on R&D and product technology intensive, and the production facilities are highly automated, with low process pollution and no toxicity.
        SGR pursues a "professional, meticulous and sincere" style, allowing customers to truly appreciate the new business philosophy of "Satisfaction of indicators, quality assurance, and service satisfaction"! And with a good working environment, advanced development concepts, a noble humanistic atmosphere, and charming development prospects, it will surely become an ideal habitat for attracting talents to join in!
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